Aso Bakir, Author at Naw Company | Iraq - Kirkuk

Coca Cola-Energy drink

In an environment full of enthusiasm and energy Coca-Cola has launched its first-ever Coca-Cola branded energy drink in Iraq .


Coca Cola energy includes 114 mg of caffeine per 12-oz. serving (roughly the equivalent of a 12-oz. cup of drip coffee), guarani extracts and B-vitamins. That means each can includes 3 time caffeine more than the classic Coca-Cola.


One of the most characteristics of this wonderful energy drink is its different and fabulous taste. Which has

the sense of Coca-Cola flavor in it.

This move has come after Coca-Cola Brand Love Score (BLS) in Iraq reached 5.03 level.

Open and Win campaign

Our customers are always winners, pictures of some winners of open and win campaign

Coca-Cola Distributor Meeting

Our CEO Mr. Nihad Rashid have met Mr. Tunjay Ozlihan Chairman of CCİ and Mr. Burak Basharir CEO of CCİ in Coca-Cola distributors meeting of Iraq and Turkey. Antalya 2019.

Coca Cola in Ramadan

All families need to be pleased, bring pleasant to your family.

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The Coca cola story

I don’t think there is a human on earth who haven’t heard of Coca Cola. A company with 160 billion market capital (or more), yearly sales of above 40 billion dollars and solid world wide presence.

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